Miguel Ángel Alaejos from Extremadura begins his professional career at the age of 18, participating in plays, short films, advertising and television series in Spain. Being an adolescent at his school in Salamanca, he participated in numerous artistic activities but it was not until his arrival in Madrid that his acting training began, mainly at the Juan Carlos Corazza Studio. He finished his training with the production “Sueño sin Título” directed by the prestigious director and teacher of actors in the Teatro de Fernando de Rojas of the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid. From there, I would start working on numerous artistic and audiovisual projects.

His professionalism, experience, dedication and intuition has led him to create a solid artistic career.

Pasión por Lorca. Consuelo Trujillo.

Consuelo Trujillo

Pasión por Lorca
Sueño sin tí­tulo. Juan Carlos Corazza 2

Luis Mengs

El Cubo
Sueño sin tí­tulo. Juan Carlos Corazza 2

Juan Moya y Esteban Roel

El sueño
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